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  • "Have a Look at Hangzhou Normal Univeristy"
  • "Have a Look at Hangzhou Normal University"

Introduction to Hangzhou Normal University

Hangzhou normal university founded in 1908, having a history of  over 100 years which has bestowed the institution with a glorious tradition of producing first-rate teachers & educators at different levels for the whole Chinese nation.Through a century’s development, the university has now become a comprehensive institution of higher education with full spectrum of disciplines.
Hangzhou Normal University currently offers a doctoral program, over 80 graduate programs, and about 60 undergraduate programs conducted in its 2 faculties and 19 schools.
The total Enrollment of HZNU in 2011 includes over 20,000 Full time undergraduate students and over 1,600 graduate students, who have been receiving a distinctive quality education that will enable them to build a future of professional, intellectual and personal success, capable of leadership in different areas.


Hangzhou Normal Univeristy is Located in Hangzhou City, Capital of Zhejiang Province with the honor of “Paradise on earth”. Hangzhou is on 50 Mins. Distance from Shanghai City by “G” train, Shanghai is the largest city in China.

HZNU comprised on 6 campuses, namely Xiasha, Wenyilu, Gudangwan , Yuhuangshan, Changqian and Xianghu Campus. Hangzhou Normal University has currently a total area of  over  90 hectares and floor space of 700,000 sq.meters.

The Faculty of Medicine has been aggresively engaged in educational and academic cooperation and exchange with universities in USA, UK, Australia and in regions like Hong Kong and Taiwan Conducting such Programs as mutual visits of scholars and students, bilateral or multi-lateral academic conference, joint researches, and joint supervision of graduate students.